Blood Hound (TXR-0)

Blood Hound's Lexus GS300

Blood Hound is one of the 13 Devils in Tokyo Xtreme Racer: Zero. This means that he is one of the 27 bosses (We count #400 as a boss) in TXR:0. Beat enough team leaders and enough 13 Devils and he'll appear after defeating a rival. His real name is Dan Emura (in the US version), and Shiro Sasaki (in the JP version). He is rival #379 out of 400.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Blood Hound Logo Centered Transparent

Blood Hound's Logo

Initial DescriptionEdit

"All he cares about is getting out in front. Once he does, he will never look back."

Hint Desciption (Shown After Beaten)Edit

"He drives a light-weight yet somewhat powerful vehicle. When battling, he makes sudden apperances from behind trucks and other larger vehicles."

Car InformationEdit

He drives a Type-S161VK (Customized Lexus GS300).


Color 1Edit

RGB: 255,255,0

Color 2Edit

RGB: 255,255,0

Car Specs Edit

Drivetrain Weight Horsepower Displacement
FR 3473 lb 820 HP 2997cc
  • FR means front engine, rear wheel drive.