Hyper Groove is a wanderer that appears in the Tokyo Xtreme racer series.

Hyper Groove

Hyper Groove

Basic Info

Name: Y. Yamagishi

Job: Ramen Noodle Critic

Car: Ford Mustang

Motto: Soar the sky oh, hawk!

Carreer: 4 Years

2nd Info

A fanatical baseball fan. He always carries the megaphone jacket he uses for

cheering, and he races with a rooting song on his lips.

3rd Info

Altough he can make minor mistakes, he covers them up with the car's high power.

If an opponent gets in front, he hangs on persistently and takes advantage of

when the pressure overcomes the opponent.

How To Get him to appearEdit

He will only appear on tuesdays you must also chose the bottom starting point

and he may only come out after beating the first half of the game.

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