The Isuzu VehiCROSS was a "Halo Compact SUV" that was introduced with very small numbers in 1998 (Japan), 1999 (North America)

and was discontinued in 2001. It shares the same components used on the Isuzu Trooper, albeit with a much more "offroadish", apparent by its lower black body cladding. It has 215PS from its Trooper-shared 6VE1, but thanks to its outstanding weight, it is rather absurdly slow. It is unlocked when you beat the Leader of the Willows Which

is The Stomach.

Isuzu Vehicross

The Isuzu VehiCROSS


Max Power: 215ps

Max Torque: 29.0kgm

Displacment: 3165cc

Aspiration: NA

Engine Type: V6 (6VE1)

Drive Type: 4WD

Tread R.: 1520mm

Tread F.: 1515mm

Wheelbase: 2330mm

Mass: 1750kg

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