Past 12' o clock Cinderella is a rival in the Tokyo Xtreme Racer games who is usually a wanderer. She drives the RX7 in earlier games but in later games such as TXR3 and Import Tuner Challenge,she drives the newer RX8.

Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3


Cinderell'a car in Tokyo Xtreme racer 3


profile 1


profile 2


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Wanderer requirements: Drive after 12:00 in TXR3 and she will appear.

Import Tuner Challenge

Midnight Cinderella
Name:  Mitsue Hayashibara
Job: Translator
Car:  Midnight Cinderella / SE3PcuMC
Profile:  She has a long racing career on the metro.  Even veteran driver are 
pressured by her well honed skills and perfectly tuned machine.  She knows 
racers in America from studying abroad.  She's the most charismatic of all the
women drivers, and people ask her lots of questions.  She's got a refreshing 
personality, and says what comes to mind in a way that doesn't make her a very
unique woman.
Cinderella car

midnight cinderella in ITC's midnight opening cutscene


Midnight Cinderella's character in ITC

She went by the nick name Midnight Cinderella instead of Past 12 o' clock Cinderella in Import Tuner Challenge. She was the boss of the first stage of the midnight time frame. She Had more of a role in the story line of conversing with the main character about street racing, and trying to get King Speed back into street racing.

Tokyo Xtreme Racer Drift 2

Does not appear as a raceable rival, but makes a BBS post as Dark Cinderella. She briefly talked about how she saw some good races.

Other Media

Mizuki no Densetsu: In the Tokyo Xtreme Racer fanfiction webseries. She is called midnight Cinderella by nickname, but goes by the her real name misue. She challenges Mizuki during to as much of a neutral ground as she could. A race on the C loop during a rain storm. This was because Mizuki can easily be
Cinderella in mizuki

Midnight Cinderella in Mizuki no Densetsu

at her on the touge, while she would stand no chance in a wangan race with her. She was also hoping that she can teach her something about cornering, and picked up speed drifting from their battle.