Rolling Guy Pertaining To TXR:0

Rolling Guy is one of the rival teams that appears in the Tokyo Xtreme Racer series.

Rolling Guy Logo

The Rolling Guy Logo


A famous team with a long tradition on the highway, it is organized with the AE86s that raced the mountain passes. Satoru Kobayakawa's younger brother, Testu, was inaugurated as the new leader of the team, which is a hungry, spirited team, and with the love towards their cars and their well-polished technique, they battle furiously for power.

In TXR 3 Edit

Like its previous predecessor of the game, Rolling Guy always come up with AE86 GT APEX as their standard car. Only a difference in the battle style: Instead fighting against Rolling Guy Number 2 sequentially, the Rolling Guy Number 1 comes up after Number 3. If Number 1's SP health is below a quarter, the Number 2 comes up and the player will have to deal against two players in one battle which quite difficult for newcomers.

Unlocks Edit

  • Rolling Guy Logo
  • All Rolling Guy biography/description (TXR 3)

Wanderer Affiliation Edit

It is described as if Master Rolling is the founder of the Rolling Guy team. Only appear if player uses the Rolling Guy sticker (despite where it is placed or its visibility) and the player will be able to attempt a fight against Rolling Master.

Notable MembersEdit

Rolling Guy Number 1 (Leader)

Rolling Guy Number 2

Rolling Guy Number 3

Rolling Guy Number 4

Rolling Guy Number 5

Rolling Guy Number 6


If you apply the team's sticker to the AE86T, you will get the B.A.D Name Rolling Guy Number 0.

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