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Rolling Guy 1 (also known as Rolling Guy Number 1) is the leader of rival team Rolling Guy in the Tokyo Xtreme Racer series. His name in Tokyo Xtreme Racer: Zero is James Altenberg (Satoru Kobayakawa in the Japanese version.). You can find him in Kanjyo Inner (in TXR:0). He is rival #001 out of 400.

Rolling Guy 1

Rolling Guy 1's AE86 Levin in TXR:0

In-Game Description (TXR:0)Edit

Initial DescriptionEdit

"Mainly a circuit racer. Leaves road racing to his kid brother. Sometimes road races as team leader with the same fury as on circuits."

Hint Description (Shown After Beaten)Edit

"It's tuned for high speed circuit racing, so you may have a hard time winning on C1. He covers its weaknesses with superior driving. Has high acceleration and drifting ability."

Car Information Edit

They drive a Toyota Corolla Levin GT-APEX 3 door (Type-AE86L3) in Tokyo Xtreme Racer: Zero.


Color 1Edit

RGB: 175,1,10

Color 2Edit

RGB: 35,35,35

Car Specs Edit

Tokyo Xtreme Racer: Zero Edit

Drivetrain Weight Horsepower Displacement
FR 1916 lb 164 HP 1745cc
  • FR means front engine, rear wheel drive.