Rolling Guy No. 1 is a team member of Rolling Guy in Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3, and is the leader of the team. His car is a Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT APEX with a gray rollcage, custom bodykit, custom rims, custom spoiler, and a custom two-tone beige and white paint job.

Driver Info Edit

"He was forced to become the team leader when his brother suddenly left the team. Now he attacks the Kanjousen with even more gusto than his older brother "Rolling Master" who frequents Tokyo as a rival."

Car Info Edit

"Originally being a machine tuned for mountain passes, its has been strengthened well. It is ironic that it has been tuned in order to supplement that mobility, resulting in a tendency to oversteer."

Appearance Edit

He appears and challenges you right once Rolling Guys No. 3-6 are defeated. Once his SP is depleted halfway, his teammate Rolling Guy No. 2 will join in and will engage you in a 2v1 battle. Defeating both members will give you victory over the entire team. After his defeat, both he and Rolling Guy No. 2 can be found in the C1 Inner Loop anytime.

Rewards Edit

  • Team ROLLING GUY Sticker

Trivia Edit

Unlike most other team leader battles, a fellow teammate Rolling Guy No. 2 (TXR3) joins in. The reason behind him jumping in the battle is explained in Rolling Guy No. 2's bio, as it states that "he is supporting a leader who tends to collapse from pressure."

Pics of Rolling Guy No. 1's CarEdit