Rolling Guy No. 2 is a team member of Rolling Guy in Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3, and is ranked 2nd in his team. His car is a Toyota Corolla Levin GT APEX with a gray rollcage, custom rims, custom spoiler, custom muffler, custom bodykit, and a custom orange paint job.

Driver Info Edit

"He is a good, understanding person who supports the new leader, Tetsu Kobayakawa, from behind the scenes. It turns out that he is supporting a leader who tends to collapse from pressure."

Car Info Edit

"He likes to attack corners by drifting, but he doesn't realize the degree of slowdown that occurs. He is troubled that his start up is further slowed down because he sets his gear ratio relatively high."

Appearance Edit

He appears while battling Rolling Guy No. 1. To get him to appear, decrease Rolling Guy No. 1's SP bar until it is halfway, then he will appear to help out his leader. Defeating both him and Rolling Guy No. 1 in the 3-way battle will allow you to claim victory over the team. After his defeat, both he and Rolling Guy No. 1 can be found driving around the C1 Inner Loop anytime.

Trivia Edit

Unlike most other teams where the 2nd ranked has to be beat for the leader to appear, he appears right when leader Rolling Guy No. 1 is halfway to defeat. The reason for this happening is actually explained in his bio, as it mentions that "he is supporting a leader who tends to collapse from pressure."

Pics of Rolling Guy No. 2's Car Edit