The soundtrack of Shutokou Battle 0 features mostly remixes from the previous titles for Dreamcast.

List Edit

  • 01. Movin On (from Shutokou Battle 2, not remixed)
  • 02. Gee to City
  • 03. Parts Of Beauty (Map screen BGM)
  • 04. Rhythm zone (One of the Free Run BGMs)
  • 05. Rumble
  • 06. Wicked Angel
  • 07. Keep Times Rollin (Options menu BGM)
  • 08. Edge Of Heaven (Rival list BGM)
  • 09. Return of soul
  • 11. NIGHT FLY (One of the Free Run BGMs; remixed from Shutokou Battle 2, where it is a Replay BGM)
  • 12. Clever Drive (Garage BGM; remixed from Shutokou Battle 2, where it is a main menu BGM)

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