Special is a Megacorporation that specializes modifications for cars it's parent company is Custom

It is founded by Charlotte Pickles and it's headquarters is located in New York City, New York.


The Parent company of custom


Founded in 1999 as the Parent company of Custom which specializes

modifications for cars with more expense

The Early Years (1999-2000)

The Company started making modifications for regular cars

as it is for people who want modifications for their cars

and they also made special features to whoever modifies the car.

The New Look (2001-Present)

Special and Custom seperated into two companies but they still had made

Modifications for regular cars for more expense. All of the cars costed 700-900 thousand

dollars which were way too expensive for people to buy. But they opened Special

Parts stores across Japan, Europe and the US.

Models that appeared in the tokyo xtreme racer seriesEdit


NOB S15 Silvia


West Corvette

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