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Speed King's Logo

Speed King is one of the 13 Devils in Tokyo Xtreme Racer: Zero. This means that he is one of the 27 bosses (We count #400, ???, as a boss) in TXR:0. Beat enough team leaders and all of the 13 Devils before him and he'll appear as the final boss for Stage 1 of the game. His real name is Ripp Griffon (U.S.); in "Shutokou Battle Zero" (Original Japanese Release): Motoya Iwasaki).

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Initial BioEdit

"A mysterious driver who appeared one day and defeated almost all leaders. Rumor says he's 40 years old and smells bad."

Final BioEdit

"He accelerates very fast in the beginning and keeps accelerating until the car reaches its top speed. It's amazing to see his high-level skills handling the monstrous engine."

Car InformationEdit

He drives a Type-R34RKK (Customized Nissan Skyline V-Spec R34, similar to the real life Calsonic R34 race car). The car when fully modified (even without the high mileage unlockable upgrades) can easily reach the hard limit speed of 263 mph (final drive ratio and boost all the way to the right is all that's needed), but Speed King himself is coded to top out at 250 mph. Otherwise, he initially accelerates as fast as White Charisma. When challenged by him, it might be best to race him around Kanjyo (the loop given at the start of career mode, assuming a loss on the first attempt) for the highest chance of winning, as he sometimes slows down a lot for certain curves and traffic. Otherwise, he will eventually make a mistake given his car's heavier handling characteristics.

Car SpecsEdit

Drivetrain Weight Horsepower Displacement RGB Color 1 RGB Color 2
4WD 2839 lb 1200 HP 2927cc 15, 89, 209 15, 89, 209

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