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Spring Bird is a member of Little Gang. His real name is Mack Ross (in the US version). You can find him on the Kanjyo Inner. He is rival #11 out of 400.


Spring Bird's TYPE-4K1

In-Game Description (TXR:0)Edit

Initial DescriptionEdit

"Has better technique than the team leader, but he sometimes loses his focus during a battle and slows down. Likes the "power drift" which allows him to turn without slowing down."

Hint Description (Shown After Beaten)Edit

"Used to drive around noisily revving his engine, But one day suddenly lost interest. Met Rick about a year later and rediscovered racing."

Car Information Edit

They drive a Honda Accord Wagon (Type-4K1) in Tokyo Xtreme Racer: Zero.


Color 1Edit

RGB: R 5 G 40 B 29

Color 2Edit

RGB: R 5 G 40 B 29

Car Specs Edit

Tokyo Xtreme Racer: Zero Edit

Drivetrain Weight Horsepower Displacement
FF 3196Lb 201HP 2258cc
  • FF means Front Engined, Front Wheel Drive..