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The Type-100TVK is a Class A luxury sports car in Tokyo Xtreme Racer: Zero. It is utilized by Hard Weapon, one of the 13 Devils. Its price is $176,300.

Car SpecificationsEdit


Horsepower Torque Layout (Drivetrain) Weight Displacement Wheel Base Engine Type
310 HP @ 6200 RPM 305.96 ft-lb @ 2400 RPM FR (front engine, rear wheel drive) 3262 lb 2491cc 682 inches Inline 6, Straight 6, etc.
We think that Genki got ft-lb and kg-m backwards. So, we switched them.


Maximum Power Maximum Torque
844 HP @ 6000 RPM 840.48 ft-lb @ 3000 RPM

Real-World InformationEdit

TXR:0 Name Type-100TVK
Manufacturer Toyota
Make/Model "Customized" Chaser Tourer
Year 1998-2001