The Volkswagen New Beetle RSI is a German Atuomobile the name New Beetle comes from the

Nickname 'Beetle' used on the older Volkswagen Type 1 it was introduced in 1997 (Concept version) 1999 as a

2000 model (Production version). It is unlocked when you beat the leader of the M/R which is The Flame.

Volkswagen New Beetle RSI

The Volkswagen New Beetle RSI


Max Power: 225ps/6200rpm
Max Torque: 32.6kgm/3000rpm

Displacment: 3188cc

Aspiration: NA
Engine Type: V6

Drive Type: 4WD
Tread F.: 1555mm

Tread R.: 1555mm

Wheelbase: 2515mm

Mass: 1520kg

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