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White Charisma's Logo

White Charisma is the final rival of Stage 2 of Tokyo Xtreme Racer: Zero, and one of the members of the Zodiac. He is one of the 27 bosses encountered in the game (#400, classified as a Wanderer, is considered here as a boss). His real name is Mike Arkin (U.S.), or Wataru Tate (Shutokou Battle Zero, JP). He immediately challenges the player after defeating all the other Zodiac members.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Initial BioEdit

"His vehicle has the ultimate tune-ups and hand-made aero parts. Strong transmission is drawing 120% of the vehicle's potential. His well read driving has no weakness."

Final BioEdit

"Races his pure-white car at incredible speeds. It is said that no one has ever seen him from the front."

Car InformationEdit

White Charisma drives a heavily modified Mazda RX7 Type RS (Type-FD3RK), where its body-kit might be inspired from the famed rotary tuning shop RE-Amemiya. In the game, its handling is very stable, and has a bit of understeer with untuned suspension settings (when modified). Tuning for oversteer may help here.

Car SpecsEdit

Drivetrain Weight Horsepower Displacement RGB Color 1 RGB Color 2
FR 2197 lb 1106 HP 654x3cc 244, 244, 244 244, 244, 244

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